The Natural Fibers in Our Real Life

How many people understand about the material called “Fibers”? Where the material came and where the material used, here is a short page about the natural fibers in our real life.

Natural fibers have been used for a variety of purposes since along long times ago. Textile applications for clothing are covered by archaeological discoveries as well as the use for utility items such as baskets, ropes or building materials.


Natural fibers were among the most important raw materials of mankind’s history. While in the 19th century natural fibers became even more important by industrialization, the interest in natural fibers was markedly reduced by the development of numerous synthetic fibers from the 1960s onwards. Note, some fibers type are dangerous, let say asbestos. If you find asbestos material in your house you should remove it adn first you need to take a test lab first, this article – asbestos testing Melbourne guide show how to do that.

2009 was proclaimed as an international year of natural fibers, which reminded us of the importance of natural raw materials in order to strengthen the awareness of natural fibers. Since then, its importance has increased again.

In the course of sustainability, environmental protection and, last but not least, by statutory requirements, natural fibers have again and again become more and more the focus of industry, with the natural fiber types cotton, jute, hemp and flax nowadays being the most widely processed fibers. Around 30 million tonnes of natural fibers were produced in 2013. Cotton accounted for 79% of the total, followed by the flax group, hemp, jute and ramie, which together accounted for 13% of the total volume. In the third place was wool with 4%.

In general, all those textile fibers and fiber materials are referred to as natural fibers which can be obtained without chemical changes from plant and animal material and can easily be converted into textile materials. The species bamboo viscose and lyocell are not used as natural fibers, but as regenerated fibers. Wood fibers are generally considered as a material group.

Natural fibers are found in numerous everyday products. The most famous natural fibers are cotton, linen / flax, wool and silk. Cotton is mainly used for the production of clothing, home textiles such as bed linen and towels. In addition to tree and wool wool for upholstery in the automotive sector, hemp and flax fibers are mainly used for the production of composite materials, for example in molded parts for the automotive industry.

Natural fibers are also experiencing a boom in the construction sector due to their insulating properties, their good compatibility and their biodegradability, and they are constantly finding new fields of application.

In the area of inorganic natural fibers, stone wool and basalt wool are mainly used for insulating and absorbing products.

The mechanical processing by needling of natural fibers can be difficult because, on the one hand, natural fibers are – as opposed to artificially produced fibers – relatively irregular in their structure. On the other hand, only very short fiber lengths can be produced in part.

In general, it is advantageous in the case of needling to use conical needles or needles with stepped notch sizes. Due to the different notch sizes, it is possible for a sufficient number of fibers of different fiber finenesses or diameters to be detected. In addition, smaller notches allow a reduced puncture force in the vicinity of the needle tip. This serves to protect the needles from overloading and prevents an increased load on the needling machine.


Just Thinking about Kitchen Counter-top Design, Though?

Kitchen counter-top is one of the house part that need our attention, why? it’s because this area/part is often seen by guests, we need to build a comfortable countertop both for owner and visitor.

Many homeowners decide to have a particular part of their kitchen renovated, though there are also others who desire to have everything remodeled. It does not matter whether you want to remodel a small part of your kitchen or your whole kitchen. It’s a good chance that you may need to look for a new countertop for your kitchen remodel project.

countertop design glass

Thus, when it’s time for you to choose new countertops for your kitchen remodeling project, there are some factors you need to consider. One of the crucial things that you need to be aware of is the kitchen cabinets. It’s because kitchen countertops are always installed on the top of your kitchen cupboards or cabinets. Now, if you are going to improve or change your cabinets also, it would be an excellent idea to select all of your materials and supplies at the same time. This will help to assure that the countertop for your new kitchen not only looks excellent but that it also add some value to your the kitchen cabinets.

Perhaps, the most notable thing to keep in mind is the cost of your new kitchen countertops. One of the most affordable countertops is Laminate countertops. In spite of being the most affordable, Laminate usually looked plain. Thus, if you plan not only change your kitchen but also to improve the looks of it, then you need to find something that also offers an attractive appearance. Many homeowners prefer to renew their new kitchen countertops out of marble or wood materials.

Though it is necessary to concentrate on the value and overall look of a countertop, it is also essential to be confident that you are able to afford it. If you are improving your whole kitchen, it could be a very good idea to start making a budget and list of stuff and materials that you are going to need or hope to have for your new kitchen. If you make a wrong decision, you will end up spend too much money for your new kitchen countertop supplies and materials.

While there is a possibility that you already know what kind of countertop you need to have in your kitchen, there is also a possibility that you may not know what you are looking for. If this is the problem, you are encouraged to begin buying all the stuff. It does not matter if you look for the kitchen countertop supplies and material in local home improvement or find it online, there is a good possibility that you will stumble upon a wide variety of supplies and materials with various designs and styles. Browsing or go shopping is one of the reliable ways to get some ideas. Browsing or only window shopping is also one of the best ways to get price estimates for your renovating supplies. It will help you create your budget.

Thus, once you have selected which kind of supplies and materials you need to utilize for your new countertops, they could be a beautiful marble color or a traditional green laminate color, you must choose how your countertop will be placed. If you want, you are able to ask for assistance from an expert or professional kitchen remodeling or maybe a general contractor; though, if you still desire to do your own countertop installation, you may start to create a plan your kitchen remodeling project. With a set of instructions, even if you do not have any experiences in doing it, you will see that it’s quite simple and easy to set up your own kitchen countertop.

Don’t to much worry about the details of guide and instructional, many countertop materials come with guide and instructions to help you, but if not, you could simply buy a how-to book, or just watch on Youtube. Question?

Decorating Your Home with Baskets

There are many things you can add to your home decoration that will have quite the versatility of baskets. They are not only decorative touches, but they also blend well with almost any decorative items and in most cases offer dual purposes as both decorative item and much needed storage.


Below, you can find some smart ways to use baskets in your house. Enjoy!

• Kitchen organizer

There are many jobs in the kitchen that a basket can pull off beautifully. One such job is a napkin holder. There are plenty baskets sold by famous brand that have are the absolute perfect size for holding different sizes of napkins for the dinner table. You can also use taller baskets to hold kitchen utensils that need to be within easy reach from the stove. There are also smaller baskets that are excellent holders for small jars of frequently used seasonings such as pepper and salt. Next time you’re in the kitchen, keep your eyes open and consider all the great ways a basket could help you out.

• Office supplies

There are many baskets that make perfect holders and organizers for office supplies. From pencil holders to those that are ideal for liquid paper, sticky notes, and paper clips, there are many baskets that are ideal for a home office.

• Knitting supplies

Larger baskets are excellent items for taming the beast that can become your supply of knitting notions and tools. Put your collection to a large basket and eliminate the items that will not fit. This will keep your knitting supplies organized and keeping them out of sight from dirty baby paws.

• Umbrella holder

This is a perfect use for a basket if you have one with the proper size. Place the basket on the floor next to your coat rack in the entryway and you will always have easy access to your umbrellas when the rainy season comes your way.

• Mail sorter

You can try to put a row of baskets near your entryway. As you are walking into your house while sorting the mail and put it into the corresponding basket. Create a basket for each family member and put the junk mail into a wastebasket that you placed below the row of baskets you put on the wall. By doing this, everyone in the family has the access to their mail and junk mail is organized as well.

• Magazine holder

This is one of the most common uses for baskets but one that should very well be said.

• Toy box

This is perhaps a favorite among parents who have many kind and fortunate enough to have an extra empty basket at any given time. A basket is a perfect tool for quickly gathering all toys and getting them out of sight.

• Laundry hamper

This is another great use for a basket. They are able to breather by the nature of their design so that if for a reason a damp towel or wet clothe gets thrown in, it doesn’t necessarily ruin for the whole batch of laundry.

This is not an exhaustive list of the virtues of baskets, but a good place to start next time when you are having an internal debate whether or not to invest money in a quality basket for your home decor needs.

Hope you enjoy it and good luck with your project!

Your Life Story is Based What You Think Today

Many successfully people told me success comes from what you think, what you feel and what you love, and that’s all 100% true!

It’s mean what you think and what you feel are the right way to follow..

Most people are still doing the boring activities everyday. They always wake up in the morning, take a bath, eat something in the morning, drive a car or ride a motorcycle to go to the office, work until 5pm, then back to the home, after that? Then go to sleep or sometimes they still need to finish office task, what a sad story right?

I am different and I am so happy because I got much money without to work at the office. How I got that happiness? I follow my heart! I do everything I love and I likes, even I don’t call it as work, but call it playing the life game.

How to start your new life?

First, you need to understand that your Creator is still loving you, and He doesn’t like to see you suffering on your life, He want you to happy, but most people forgetting Him. He is the All Mighty and He can make your life turn to the happiness in microsecond. Right now!

After you know the kindness of your your Creator, then start to find your passion. Whatever it is, just find it.

Do all things that make you happy but keep focus, don’t waste your times by doing or working on things you hate. Start from the small action but keep moving!

Do you ever hear about the 10.000 hours expert?

It’s mean, if you want to get much money, you want to be an expert, you need to train your skill in 10.000 hours.

If you want to be the pro basket ball player, you need to train hard in 10K hours, if you want to be the greatest programmer, you also need to work hard on it in 10K hours.

The keys are: you love it, work and train and focus, that’s it!

Don’t to much think, just do it! Think positive, do it with your heart and focus, good luck! It’s time to change your life story to be better.