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Your Life Story is Based What You Think Today

Many successfully people told me success comes from what you think, what you feel and what you love, and that’s all 100% true!

It’s mean what you think and what you feel are the right way to follow..

Most people are still doing the boring activities everyday. They always wake up in the morning, take a bath, eat something in the morning, drive a car or ride a motorcycle to go to the office, work until 5pm, then back to the home, after that? Then go to sleep or sometimes they still need to finish office task, what a sad story right?

I am different and I am so happy because I got much money without to work at the office. How I got that happiness? I follow my heart! I do everything I love and I likes, even I don’t call it as work, but call it playing the life game.

How to start your new life?

First, you need to understand that your Creator is still loving you, and He doesn’t like to see you suffering on your life, He want you to happy, but most people forgetting Him. He is the All Mighty and He can make your life turn to the happiness in microsecond. Right now!

After you know the kindness of your your Creator, then start to find your passion. Whatever it is, just find it.

Do all things that make you happy but keep focus, don’t waste your times by doing or working on things you hate. Start from the small action but keep moving!

Do you ever hear about the 10.000 hours expert?

It’s mean, if you want to get much money, you want to be an expert, you need to train your skill in 10.000 hours.

If you want to be the pro basket ball player, you need to train hard in 10K hours, if you want to be the greatest programmer, you also need to work hard on it in 10K hours.

The keys are: you love it, work and train and focus, that’s it!

Don’t to much think, just do it! Think positive, do it with your heart and focus, good luck! It’s time to change your life story to be better.